Welcome to the research project PrimAIR

Due to demographical and structural changes and the accompanying decreases in population, adequate economical medical care is becoming more as well as more difficult in sparsely populated areas. Cost pressure on health insurance companies and the entire health care system leads to centralization of hospitals and planning of specialist clinics. This change in clinic infrastructure is a challenge for pre-hospital emergency care, as hospitals are the ending of the rescue chain.

Up to now, rescue helicopters have only been used as an addition to land-based EMS to get emergency physicians to the incident scene quickly and also to take patients rapidly to a clinic under intensive medical care. As a new approach, it will be analyzed if airborne primary rescue can be implemented as an alternative to land-based EMS. As a consequence air ambulances could cover larger areas and take patients straight to the appropriate hospitals. PrimAIR will analyze the potentials, limits and requirements of an airborne system on primary rescue.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.